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What is a Traffic Scale Report?
The Traffic Scale Report is an analysis of your traffic to see how it compares in quality, and quantity, to your direct competitors, and to other dealerships around the country.


Is It Really Free?
Yes it is! We believe in giving value FIRST. We're on a mission to help dealers make their lives and businesses ESP®―Enjoyable, Simple & Prosperous.


What Do I Get?
You can expect to discover untapped and unique opportunities that currently exist right in your own backyard, which can help you increase your traffic, improve CSI and see a dramatic uptick in sales and gross―all without spending more on advertising.


How Do I Get Started?
We'll ask you a few basic questions, including the three counties that you typically draw the most customers come from. Then we’ll do all the heavy lifting―the research―and create your report using our proven Market Rater Algorithm.


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